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Who We Are

NeezeerGreene Renewable Solutions


We provide high-quality solar systems and solutions to deliver clean energy to individuals, families and business owners, and ultimately improve quality of life for households and businesses within and beyond Nigeria. Our goal at NeezerGreene is to deliver a wide range of solar systems and products that can efficiently provide reliable energy. Hence, our development strategy is based on sustainability and diversification of renewable solutions.

We have embedded the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in our corporate strategy by implementing 3 core goals – ACT



To leverage solar energy to drive productivity and growth in Africa, thus enabling stakeholders access renewable energy for sustainable living


To become Africa’s leading solar technology provider and preferred partner within the industry

Our Values

What makes us who we are






Our Services

What we bring to the table


Design & installation of Solar PV Systems

The modern world needs energy for various day-to-day activities in homes and business places. Solar energy is at the center of attraction when it comes to renewable energy sources, as it is available in an abundant form and has the potential to meet your energy requirements. We offer full scope site assessment, design, procurement and installation of solar systems appropriate for your system type, site location and applications. We install within 3 – 5 business days for place within Lagos State and within 5 – 7 working days for places outside Lagos State.

System Repair & Maintenance

We maintain systems, even if they were not originally installed by us. We also offer solar panel repositioning and cleaning; battery replacement; and charge controller repair/upgrade

Energy Audit & Performance Monitoring

We offer thorough energy audit on a one-time or periodic basis. The audit enables us evaluate existing systems and recommend feasible ways to maximize your solar system

Training and Business Support

We offer technical and business training designed to provide necessary skill sets to become competent practitioners and stakeholders in the renewable energy industry


We offer technical and strategic services on identifying and utilizing reliable solar options. We also offer consulting services regarding supply of solar technology to rural and underserved communities in Africa, including procurement support and installation.LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR SOCIAL ENTERPRISE

Our Products

Get Quality Products to Serve you

Our products are sourced from renowned manufacturers from the world. We ensure that our products meet and exceed your expectations, and also design after-sales services to develop strong partnerships

Why Shop with us?

  • High-quality solar products from top manufacturers
  • Well-trained in-house Engineers and Operators
  • Easy payment system
  • Top notch customer support
  • Nationwide delivery system

Our Appraoch

How we make things work


We place great emphasis on excellent quality and craftsmanship. We also have a dedicated team of personnel that can be deployed to implement projects anywhere in Nigeria. Hence, our approach involves processes that ensure maximum delivery and satisfaction

Project Evaluation

We calculate the daily energy use by determining watt-hour use per month/year, as provided in your utility bill and other relevant documents. Thereafter, we proceed to a system size estimate to confirm the required solar panel.

Product Selection

We help you shop for the right solar system based on the efficiency and output of the panels required to effectively design your power system.

Product installation

Using your requirements and selection, we proceed with installation of the solar energy system and other energy solutions, as needed.

Test and Start

You can now enjoy your solar energy system and all the amazing benefits that come with it. Switch on power to test the system and start using

After-sales Support

We offer services to maximize the lifetime value of your solar system.

Become an Agent

Are you highly motivated? Would you like to take on an exciting career path learning and pushing the new trend in energy systems of the future? Would you like to work remotely and earn commissions on successful deals?

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